February 24, 2006

Injury Report

A little known fact, but well worth mentioning, is that if you are say...I don't know...walking around in a cast, it would be a good idea NOT to wait until the very last second to go to the know that point where you are making funny faces because you've got one more sentence to type, and if you can just eek it out, you can run safely to the nearest restroom...


More likely, you will wait til the very last second, make the funny faces, eek the sentence out, and then get up in a mad dash to the be stopped dead in your tracks realizing what you have done...and then the possibility of your co-workers seeing that you've just peed in your pants becomes a sudden reality and you panic and try to figure out how you can get there faster and pray...oh, and pray like no ones business...that you can just make it in time...your almost there...10 more can hold it...and then that peep from the basement walks by and says "how'd you hurt your leg?"...and that, my friends, is when the tears start streaming. So, please don't let it happen to you.

Other uninteresting cast facts, figures, and observations:
- someone should invent a cast that has the pop-out roller skates on the bottom like the shoes that all the kids at the mall are wearing
- walking down the stairs is cumbersome, but try it backwards. It's fun and not so scary. Oh, but when there is a National Tornado Drill and you have to hobble to the basement, backwards, be prepared for your co-workers to laugh at you (while they're still reminiscing about your early bathroom incident)
- I think i'm pacing about a 33 minute mile. I'm going to try and get it under 25 minutes before I get this thing off.
- Jeans stretched out over cast is not so sexy (but really, jeans rolled up at the top or stretched out over this thing...I look like a dork)
- they make "fashionable" slings for broken arms, but I haven't found any yet for my leg.
- I've shortened my response time by changing the explaination from "well, it all started when I ran 10 miles" to "I'm training for a marathon"


runninturnip said...

Wow, that sounds like a challenge to wear that cast. Who knows, after trudging around in that thing your other muscles might get stronger! Hope you feel better soon.

Anne said...

I was in one of these things too for awhile. Just fold your pants or jeans over and put the boot on over top of them. Yes it looks funny but it is better than pulling them over the top.

Not to freak you out but you will be amazed at the shrinkage in your leg when you don't use it for 3 weeks. I took mine off at night and walked around the house (having 2 kids made this more fun!) but the leg still atrophied. It comes back fast... but meanwhile, when you wear your running shorts again, people will think you have polio! =0)

Just something to look forward too! Hang in there! Relax... you have plenty of time to heal. At least this didn't happen 3 weeks before the marathon!!!