February 01, 2006

Injury Report

Who would have thought that i'd be reporting that i've injured my neck...while running...running and hurting my neck...only me...

Really, i did hurt my neck tonight. Oh...wait, I wanted to start this post with "I ran an easy 5 miles tonight..." Hahaha. At any rate, here's how a runner injured her neck: I'm a little top-heavy and tend to look down when I walk...not in a i'm-not-self-confident-way, cause everyone knows how i feel about me (LOVE IT)...but it just happens, and i've done it my whole life...the looking at the ground thing...well, and the full-of-myself-sometimes thing too...anyway, back to the point: when i run in the daylight i can see ahead of me, what's coming next....but at night...not so my already looking-down-slightly turned into running-looking-completely-down, so much so that i was able to see every move that my feet made...literally...and then with about 1/2 mile left to go the neck pain set in and i realized that i now know what every nook and cranny of the sidewalk looked like...and neck was killing me...still is.

Oh, the Biggest Loser Family Edition Finale is on...gotta go!

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runninturnip said...

Don't feel bad, I once got a concussion when running cross country in high school!