February 15, 2006

I'm updating just because....

Because really I have no good news anyway. I did my 10 miles last week. Had the best week ever. Took Sunday off, cause it just seems like Sunday is too busy for me to try and do a long run (or any run for that matter). Monday was Relay for Life kickoff...and well, since i'm the finance chairperson i figured i'd better be there...til 9:00, which meant another day of not my schedule for this week was 3, 6, 11, rest...doesn't look like that is gonna happen.

I ran the 3 yesterday and it was fabulous. It was easy and I was enjoying myself. I stretched just like I have been for the last 150 miles and then got in my car. Drove to Kmart. Got out and my ankle was killing me. Not just killing me. Felt like everytime i took a step someone was driving a stake in it killing i decided to get a compression bandage, because hey maybe i did something to it for real. The compression was too tight. My toes were screaming for mercy. I put my foot up, enjoyed my Valentines Dinner, and hoped it would all be better today. And it's not. And it's swollen huge. Like kankle huge. And it hurts like a mother. I adviled it all day and got another compression bandage this afternoon that i can adjust. And i'm just so freakin unhappy about this setback. And I'm not even sure what I did. And now i'm wondering if my other ankle hurts. And i googled ankle pain, and got sprain info but nothing super relevant.

1) I'm not sure if there is something magic I can do to make it better (other than rice). 2) Could I just not be cut out for this? This is my 2nd ankle injury (just differnt ankle this time) 3) Is there something I can do to prevent this from happening again?? 4) How long should I wait before I run again?

I feel like crying. And i've never felt like crying because I couldn't run...well, prior to 6 months ago that is...And then this girl at work who runs often, just not that far, says today "i've been running for years and i have never injured myself"...just shut it...that was not what i wanted to hear....

Anyway, i'm off to find something productive to do to take my mind off of the fact that i should be running 6 miles today.....oh and by the way, i just hit my 6 month mark of quitting smoking...YAH ME!


Sons of Dean said...

If you can´t run - you can keep fit by swimming. It works and you will be surpriced how fit you´ll feel even after 6 weeks without running.

Jim said...

Bummer on the ankle. It sounds like your doing RICE. Normally the elevation and ice are especially helpful for me. Don't forget that R is for REST!

The general rule is if your injury alters your running pattern, do not run. It would not hurt to take off for a week. Perhaps you have a bike or can swim as SONS OF DEAN posted.

Garou said...

Ouch. That sounds painful. I'd keep up with the RICE, and, if there is no improvement in the swelling or pain, see a doctor about it.

Concerning your questions: 1) Sounds like you are doing everything correctly, at least as far as it goes. 2) Injuries, unfortunately, happen with running. I don't recall ever having any serious ankle problems (I've been lucky), but I've had my share of knee and shin issues. Usually (in my case) the problem is either my shoes or my training - have you switched shoes or increased speed/mileage significantly lately? 3) I'd say it depends on the cause. If you managed to sprain it or something, then it could happen again. If it's due to shoes or training, changing the problem will help prevent another recurrance. 4) If it changes your running pattern, do not run. At all. You can bike or swim, or possibly use an elliptical (unless it hurts), but do not run. I usually wait an extra day or two after the pain is going before slowly resuming running, just to help ensure that I am fully healed.

And, when you do start running again, you might have to ease into it a bit. If you are sidelined long enough (more than a couple of days), you'll want to run slower miles (and fewer of them) the first week or two.

Oh yeah - congrats on hitting the six month mark!

runninturnip said...

That sucks about the ankle, but it sounds like you are doing all you can. I am sure you could run again but maybe you should see a sports specialist who can nail down the problem. So glad you are still a non-smoker! Wish my friends would quit.