February 08, 2006

I did it...bragging rights to follow

So, I did it. I finally did it. All excuses are behind me now. I ran 10 miles today all by myself, and in less time than I gave myself. At any rate, I'm still saying to myself "I did it...I can't believe I did it". And I'm really really tired...not from the run, just cause it's late and I need my beauty sleep. So more to follow on my 10 miles. Or maybe I'll write a little more...until my face hits the desk...then T can kick me a little and tell me to go to bed...haha....anyway, back to me and my 10 miles.

I have made excuses since Sunday (when I was originally supposed to do this). Everyday I was too busy, it was too cold, it was too late, it was raining...excuses, excuses, excuses. And today started very similarly...until 3 pm when i finally got off my lazy caboose and decided to take a shower (i'm teleworking this week, ie. working in my pjs). And then I thought, you know I wouldn't have to put on any make-up and I could put on workout clothes which are just as comfortable as pjs and then I will be forced to go run...cause then I won't have any excuses. And that is just what I did. Like it didn't even matter. And then I drove to the spot that I had picked out and got out of the car, like I wasn't gonna run 10 miles, and took off. I had my music which I've missed since I've been running with T lately (I should say that running with T is BETTER than my music...just wanted to get that straight). So, anyway, I'm just out there running like I'm just gonna go 3 miles or maybe 5 and all the while I'm thinking "what am I gonna title my blog when i get home?" Yes, that is what I was thinking about....Anyway, a bunch of other people must have known that i was on my 10 mile trek cause I kept getting horns honked at me...okay, so maybe that was my spandex pants getting the honks, but it was fun to pretend that it was me running the 10 miles that was getting honked at.

So, it was so freakin easy. The last 2 miles I felt like I was running really slowly, but other than that I felt great the whole time. I thought about alot of stuff and then really not about much. I caught myself singing along to some of my tunes. I stopped at the 5 mile turn around and had some sips of my gatorade...just in case I began to fall apart on the last 5 miles...but the only real pain I had was in my neck and I think i've got to work on my posture (just sat up straight in the chair). But it was great, and when I was done I thought i was gonna cry. For real crying. But I didn't. Just got a big lump in my throat (it just came back thinking about it...) and thought man, I'm that girl that does it.

By the way, I thought (maybe around mile 4) that I should try smiling when I run because lots of people were driving by me and I thought I should look like I was having a blast. I mean, because I was. And I noticed when I was smiling that the passer-byers in their cars were smiling back at me. It was a cool moment.


Remco said...

Well done! I am training to run 20 kilometers on March 12. I hope I feel as good as you did!

KT said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a great 10-miler. Go you!

runninturnip said...

That first ten is an awesome feeling! There's just something about those double digits.

Liv said...

Congratulations! That's an awesome run and and awesome story.

Jim said...

Congratulations! you did it! Repeat afer me . . . endorphins are my friend, endorphins are my friend.

How about a 12 miler next week? ;)

Be sure to slip it into your conversations whenever you're around your friends and workmates!

Dallen said...

Congratulations on the 10 mile benchmark.