February 21, 2006

Doctors Appt

I'm back from NC....with my ankle/leg/foot/whatever still feeling quite like it did when I left. Still the don', in the car this morning, on the way back from the airport I did exactly what I should have done. Made an appointment with an 2 today. Love it that they could squeeze me in. And i'm taking my shoes, my socks, my training log, etc. I want a prompt diagnosis and a prompt cure! Okay, so really I just want him to say that nothing is wrong and all the pain must just be in my head...T is worried that he might be one of those anti-running-doctors. And if he is, well, then I'll just find another...cause that is not an option! I'll let you know what the good/bad news is. And just to respond to the other comments, I'm a sensible shoe wearer. I only break out the heels a few times during the month when I'm forced to wear a suit...I'm much more of a birkenstocks and jeans kinda girl :)

On another note, Raleigh was fun. We missed our first flight (checked in at 7:15 for an 8am flight and they told us we were too late....). I've flown a trillion times and this was a first for me! We got on the noon flight, just barely...funny we didn't miss our 6am flight today though!

Alright, that's it...more to come later this afternoon!

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jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

Good luck at the doctor. Let us know how it goes.