February 24, 2006

Cruel Weatherman

"This Afternoon... Partly sunny and very comfortable outside! Highs will reach 70 in most communities. "

I think the weatherman is mad at me...why would he be cruel enough to post this weather report????? He might as well have posted:

"It's a great day for skydiving, and an even more fabulous day for running, so everyone get out there and do something fun...oh, except for Amy...she'll have to wait 3 weeks and by then the rainy season will have kicked in so skydiving will be out, but she can always run in the rain"

i'm just being pouty now.....


Hilda said...

I just read what happened to you after you ran 10 miles.
Really hope at least you are not feeling pain anymore.

Jim said...

Don't get down. Like I said in another post. Give it time and you will bounce back. I'm in Vidalia, GA right now working 13 hours a day and that is depressing on top of everything else. However, I KNOW that things will get better. YOU remember that things will get better. Other than your injury, I hope all is well with you.


KT said...

Having to wear a cast merits a little poutiness. Just remember, it's only temporary...