January 12, 2006

Petitioning to Boycott the Scale

yes, i am petitioning to boycott the scale. i can't figure it out. let me set this up with some vital stats:
i stand at a whopping 5 feet 3 inches high
i am one of those small framed people (i can wrap my hand around my wrist...hey, its their test not mine)
i wear a size 4 petite pants, which are not too tight, and on most days are a little too big
although i wear a small top, i have been accused of being a little "top heavy" if you get my drift
i had 2 people say to me today in reference to running that i could get my speed up with no problem because "i'm light on my feet"
i run 4 or more times a week and also go the gym and had been (prior to starting running) been active in yoga and kickboxing

with all of that being said, how could the scale possibly say that i weigh 130lbs???? i don't get it. in my days of not going to the gym and eating all the partially hydrogenated snacks i could get my hands on, i weighed 138lbs and wore a size 8. what gives? i don't drink sodas. i don't eat anything with partially hydrogenated oils. i don't eat fries. i don't eat anything fried. i eat a lot of salads and alot of fruit and alot of whole grains. and i drink my fair share of water. i do like sweets. but i try to make them as healthy as possible. sherbert instead of ben & jerrys brownie explosion. newmans own fig newmans instead of chocolate chip cookies. a fruit smoothie instead of a milkshake.

i've seen peoples jaws drop when i tell them how much i weigh. they don't believe me, and frankly most of the time i don't believe it. i've also had people tell me that it's because i'm turning fat into muscle and it weighs more. i'm not sure how much stock i have in that one. i've also had people tell me that its a combination of a) quitting smoking and b) training and increasing my appetite. i don't know what it is but i'm frankly sick and tired of it. it's embarrassing to see people look at me like that when i tell them the truth (gasp!). i guess now that it is getting closer to my 30th birthday, i'll have to join millions of other women who lie about their weight and tell people its none of their business how old they are.

on another note, it looks like i'm going to finish the week with 20 miles under my belt! yeah for me! and 2 of these days have been on a treadmill (yuck) but im in an unfamiliar city and i'd rather be safe than sorry. but i won't have to do the treadmill thing next week because i made some friends today at the audit site that i am working (for the next 7 weeks!) and they run during lunch and invited me along next week. they stick to 10:00 pace so i'll be all good. i also met another runner who has run 22 marathons over the last 9 years. his goal is to run a marathon in every state. now that is a goal worth stealing!


runninturnip said...

Don't feel bad!
I am also 5' 3" on a small frame (I use the same wrist test!) but somehow weigh over 130 lb. running 25 miles a week an eating healthy, low fat and not even a whole lot. Who knows what gives but since my husband thinks I look good I guess I can't worry about it too much.

Liv said...

Look at all of us... I'm also 5'3", and I weigh 135 - on a GOOD day! Sometimes is gets me down, but honestly that's silly, because if you look good and feel good, you really shouldn't care what the scale says. I'm not saying this rationale works very well - just that it's ultimately true. Maybe there's something to the whole muscle theory, who knows. But don't be discouraged!!!

Robert G. said...

Wow, I can't pass the wrist test, and no other test either for that matter, but honestly, what's wrong with 130!! That's a perfect weight! Don't worry about the scale... if you feel healthy and look good then who cares? It's just a number after all, right?

Thanks for all your comments btw :-D