January 09, 2006

Lots of Firsts

Yes...I am supposed to be teleworking today. It's now 20 minutes until 2pm and I've gotten no real work done. I went to the bank, ate lunch, balanced my checkbook, read some cool stuff on the internet, messed t2s computer up (and fixed it)...oh, I did talk to my boss so I guess that means I did "some" work today. Now, I'm making my packing list for the indefinite TDY I leave to go on tomorrow...I say indefinite cause you know, I'll be there til the money runs any rate, this is my 1st time teleworking, and unfortunately probably my last.

I did live up to my "no excuses" mantra and got out and ran 6 miles yesterday. This was a first. And it was what my training schedule said to do on the right completing something on time, on the right day was also a first. It was a good run. I started out not really feeling it. I even contemplated doing only 2 miles (ha) and by the time I had surpassed 2 miles I decided to just keep going. I always have to laugh at the things that I think about during that first mile. How I want to go home, how busy I am, how out of breath I am, how I'm not a runner. By the time I hit mile 2, I'm laughing and telling myself "I am a runner...I am a runner..." My mp3 player batteries died about 3/4 of the way but that was actually good. I noticed so much that I haven't ever noticed before. Since I was drowning myself out by my music. I ran by an old banana peel, several empty icehouse cans, a chicken leg, a sign advertising permanent makeup (scary...), an open pocket knife, and lots of squirrels.

I made a couple of observations about myself yesterday: 1. I am the snot queen and 2. I don't know how to breath right. I'll start with #2...I can't seem to get it together with my breathing. I wonder if it's from the smoking and that it will just take some time, or if it is just something that I'm doing wrong. I'm scheduled to do 3 or 4 miles 4 more times this week and I thought maybe I'd do fartleks to see if I can increase my endurance??? Does this sound like a good/bad idea? Or are there some better ideas out there? Currently I am running at about a 10:40 pace without feeling like I'm gonna die. I actually feel very good at that pace. No breathing problems whatsoever. Anyhow, if anyone's got some tricks/ideas/magic potions to help, I would so so appreciate it! As far as #1 goes, if you are squeamish you may just wish to end the reading right now. I am the perpetual snot queen. #1 and #2 may go hand-in-hand? I have become a pro at blowing snot rockets, which I do about every 1/2 mile. I have to clear out both sides at the same time. My body doesn't have preferential treatment of one nostril over another. I often think that if some could invent something that i could put over my nose and just let the snot roll, it would help. But then there would be that breathing problem. I try to do most of my breathing out of my mouth and that seems to lessen the snot effect but it never completely eliminates it. And it doesn't matter what the weather is or cold...again my body doesn't have any preferential treatment. So, there are my two problems. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or just wants to tell me how gross i am, feel free.


jkrunning--Just Keep Running said...

If you are the snot queen, my husband is your long lost King--he is forever blowing snot rockets. I usually need to, but I just can't seem to bring myself to do it. Maybe one of these days.

Scott said...

Don't worry about your pace as you build your base. Go out and run at a comfortably aerobic pace (where it feels like you can run a long time), and put in some miles over the next couple of months. You will see your breathing improve and your times drop. After you have a base, then you can add speed.

runninturnip said...

Try using and focusing on a rythm to control the breathing or coordinating your breath with your footsteps, that has helped me.

Liv said...

All hail the snot queen! :) I always try to remember to bring kleenex on my runs - it's right up there on the priority list with the running shoes.