January 24, 2006

Happy Day

After what feels like weeks of reporting nothing but bad news, I am happy to report that the last two days have been fabulous! And, in case you didn't know, yesterday was supposed to be the worst day of 2006 according to some British study. But not for me!

I got alot accomplished for work and started my new training program. Yesterday was 30 min of cross-training which i biked. And I've been doing my sun salutations as well as crunches and push-ups (the gym here stinks....)

Today, though, I decided to face my fears and run the trail that leads around the flight line. It was only 3 miles but there were 8 extremely steep hills, and I was SCARED. I was scared that I would get 1.5 miles out and not be able to get back....I have no idea why I thought that, because...duh...I can walk. I guess I just forgot that there was anything else that existed besides running. I decided time would not be a factor since this was more hills than I had probably approached in a weeks worth of running. I made it down and back up the first hill with no problem. I paced myself on the way up and made up for it on the way down. And I ended up not having a problem at all. And I ran all 8 hills, and all 3 miles with absolutely no problem. And actually my pace was 10:26 which is about what i run on flat ground.

I have not faced a day where I run and regret it. T2 told me that my week off might make me come back stronger. I think he was right. I am definitely mentally stronger now than I think I ever have been.

Oh, and the most fabulous thing! I passed someone else running. And that someone was a male! I saw him pass me when I pulled into the parking lot and saw him a couple of times at the tops of hills and thought "I wonder how soon he is going to turn around and pass me?" And that never happened cause right about 1.5 miles into it, I passed him. And it felt fabulous! I actually wanted to run circles around him shouting "your the 1st person I've ever passed...nanny nanny boo boo"...but I didn't...even though i really really wanted to.

So, lesson learned. I am going to stop being scared and just do it. I'm scheduled for 4 miles tomorrow and am going to go back and show those hills whose boss :)


Joyce said...

i love passing people! although i've only passed people walking :P actually come to think of it, i never see runners out when i am out... hmmmm....

i'd love to get some runs in on the trails, but the ones in my city are too secluded for me :(

Amy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I like yours. Your recommended reading is a book that I'm finishing and will keep always as a reference. Must read for women.