December 16, 2005

Super Fine Blogger

So, t-squared just told me that I was a super fine blogger and that i could have a stalker...this was after my comment about how my blog profile has been viewed 178 times...i wish i would have a running-motivational-blogger that may or may not be as super fine as me. I get so unmotivated on Fridays. I was supposed to do 4 miles today and was off work and ended up running around "catching up" and before I knew it it was dark and the day was over. I'm not sure how to get over this hurdle. Except for maybe I should have run this morning when I got up instead of doing "all those other things" first. I'm not going to get anywhere at this rate.

I have one part-time running partner who has been running for years but told me after 10 miles I'm on my own. Okay, that's fine...just got to make it that far. And honestly, I kind of enjoy running alone. I'm so busy and that seems to be the only time that I can put my headphones on and tune the world it makes it hard to run with someone who wants to chat or ask me a question or just not tune me out...sigh...I think I'm just mad at myself because I was going to push it this entire week and I've let myself down. Saturday is supposed to be my day off and I've already made tons of plans (that housewarming party I'm helping give at 3, plus the food I've got to make for it before hand, plus dinner with t2's friends, plus the last minute gift i've got to get tomorrow, plus i need a haircut) and geez...I just need about 4 more hours in the day.

Well, something has got to give. I have officially volunteered myself out for the next year, I think. I'm a volunteer at the VA hospital. A mentor for BBBS. On the board for Relay for Life. An officer for a civic organization. Have a grandmother that I take to church every Sunday (and Sunday lunch). Have a nephew that needs alot of attention. Have parents that always ask me to do the things that need to be done (wonder why...). Have friends that are having babies and need showers thrown for them. Oh, and did I mention that I work 40 hours a week and do t2's accounting work on a monthly basis. Oh, and the gym. And the other misc bs that comes along with being an adult. And then finally comes running. Running needs to be my priority...somewhere up there directly after the work "think".

I've got to get there with my super fine blogger self.

And so, that is my rant for this day. Hope tomorrow is better.

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