December 22, 2005

Scaredy Cat Running

Merry Christmas to me! T2 decided as a stocking stuffer to sign us up for this In case the linky thing doesn't work, it is the Museum of Aviation at RAFB, Jan 14. I had initially said I would do it, but only the 10K. Well, there is no 10K. Just a half and whole, and a 5k. And we're doing the half. According to my schedule I will not be ready for this by then. But that is okay. I just have to cross that finish line and that's it. So, I'm scared and nervous and excited. It was supposed to be a surprise from Santa, but they emailed ME the confirmation...haha...I will take any and all suggestions on preparing for this. A friend that I ran with yesterday said if I can run 3, then I can 6, and if I can run 6 then I can run 12, and well, if I make it to 12 there is no reason to not make it to 13. We'll see.

In other A news, nothing exciting going on. Getting ready for the big day and really am ready for it to all be over with. I get to have 2 full days of family time, and i'm already dreading it. i love them, i really do, but in small doses...i prefer 4 hour increments but since i'll be doing the cooking it doesn't look like 4 hours with a break will be an option. At least the rugrats will be there to occupy my time, and make me laugh. I've taught them how to shake their presents and guess what they are going to get. They think I'm getting a book, some tube socks, and a slice of pizza. I think they might just be right :)

On the running scene, I am putting forth 110% to make it happen. I'm keeping up with my schedule and still loving every minute of it.

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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