December 27, 2005

Santa was good to me

I must have really behaved this year, cause Santa loaded me up! (Okay, so it was t-2, and not Santa that loaded me up...but I think he was just helping Santa out this know so the reindeer had to make one less stop). At any rate, my list of things that he got me is now over 20, and I got another present this morning...he did good. Very good.

So, of the many many things I got, my fav is this (in pink).
I love it. I love it. I love it. I had a little trouble getting it to give me an accurate heart rate yesterday but I think it may have more operator error than anything else. Guess it's time to read the directions.

And then I got a cool cookbook and a cool lunchbox and a funny egg seperator....and a ton of stuff. Oh, and I got a cool running bra from Victoria's Secret. I don't typically like their bras for practicality sake, but this one really does the job. In case anyone was wondering. Oh, and I got a toaster/convection oven. Haven't used it yet, but I'm really excited about it! (yes, I get really really excited about these things...)

Anyway, I had a great great Christmas! I hope everyone else did as well.

Cute running story: I spent Christmas eve at my parents house and Christmas morning I decided to go out for a run before all of the cooking festivities began. Side note: My nephew spent the night as well and Santa brought him a new bike (he's 5 years old). At any rate, he was outside riding in the driveway when I came out to run, and he wanted to go with me. I was nervous about him going with me and not being able to keep up on his new bike, so I told him to wait and I would make one loop around the block (1.5 miles) and on the next loop Grandad would be dressed and could go with us, so if the little rugrat got tired he could go back home with Grandad. He said okay.
As I came around the loop and was a few hundred feet from my parents driveway I could see the little rugrat sitting on his bike at the end of the driveway staring off in the direction that I ran was so cute and almost broke my heart at the same time. No adults had come outside yet to take him in the street and he was just patiently waiting for me to return. So, my heart broke and I decided to screw the run and have fun with him. I grabbed a bottle of water and told him to hit the street. And what I said earlier about him getting tired and wanted to go back never happened. We must have raced around the block 5 times! And his new bike has a water bottle on it, so we would stop every now and then for him to was so cute. He kept telling me that we "were getting some good exercise". Love it.

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Belyal said...

Nice watch! Merry Belated Christmas!