December 28, 2005

My philosophical moment

Thanks to Little Miss Runner Pants and her story that she wrote right before her first marathon "the journey". If you haven't seen her blog, and are new to this thing (like me) I would suggest it as a must read (her links are in my 'blogs i like'). Very motivational and well...i just liked it.

So, to my story. i was transferring my running notes to my new training book (cause the other one the pages were falling out...bad journal) and I had taped several things in the old one that were motivational to me. One of which was a quote from Miss Runner Pants 'the journey'. And I remember putting it in there and I remember reading it for the first time, but this second (and 3rd, 4th, and 5th...cause i had to read it several times yesterday) it was so much different.

Here's the quote: "At some point in the middle of all this, i started to change. both mentally and physically. i looked in the mirror and there was this woman staring back at me. this woman that does it. she does it. not for her parents. not for her friends, she does it for herself. not to become someone she wants to be, but to BE someone she ALREADY IS."

And that last powerful. And it made me think back to some of the mind over matter issues i've had with this training and i thought 'i'm not doing this to become someone I want to be. I am already the person I want to be. And part of being ME is doing this.' And well, it feels good to say that with 100% confidence that I can do this. That I know that i can. And to know that there is nothing standing in my way of me just being.

Anyway, that was my moment.

Today is 4 miles with Ms Bakes Alot. She said she would pick up the pace this week, took us 54 minutes to run 4 miles last wed...there was too much to talk about...with holiday planning and other things...and since I ran 5 miles on Monday in 54:15, I think she and I should do less gabbing and more running. But it is my one day a week that I get to enjoy doing this with someone else (except on those fun [rare] occasions where t2 runs with me).


Ben, aka BadBen said...

I had a moment like that a few years ago. Feels good, doesn't it?

Dallen said...

Running definately makes you feel good about yourself. There is nothing like that feeling at the end of a good run. Just wait until you finish your marathon. The feeling is incredible. It's something that non-runners will never understand until they give it a try.

runninturnip said...

Wow, I really like that quote. I will have to check out your friends blog more often...

Liv said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog, I'm so glad it led me to yours because this was a really fun read. Keep it up and good luck in your 1/2... and the marathon too!