December 12, 2005

Catch up time!

Okay, so I haven't been keeping up like I have wanted to. And I had my little injury that caused a setback. But now I'm back on track...I'm focused...and I'm ready to kick this marathons bee-hind! (Just so no one asks, I haven't made a decision yet...I know I need to make that a priority).

But back to me being all focused and energized....I've decided that the Tues/Thur/Sat/Sun schedule is not good for me. I'm lazy on the weekends. I wish I wasn't, but I am. I'm so crazy-busy during the week that I just crash by Saturday and trying to run both weekend days is making me feel bad. So, I'm gonna do Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun.

And coincidently (?sp) today is Monday. So, I ran 4 miles which is one week behind schedule but I'll forgive myself. The last time I ran 4 miles (approx 2 weeks ago) I ran it in 54:10. Not a stellar performance, but I finished and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS right now. So, today I'm out and happy and the weather was beautiful (sunny 60 degrees slight breeze) and I'm loving life and running the base trail and not thinking about time or distance or anything. I actually even turned my mp3 player off so I could listen to the wind blow and my shoes pound the pavement and my slow steady breaths. And funniest thing was all I could think about is that 6 months ago, in the midst of my smoking era, I wouldn't even have attempted a mile, much less 4 or 10 or 17 or 26. So, that was how my run was. Peaceful, and rejuvinating (?sp), and fun, and lovely (can I use that word?)

And then I'm at the end, back at my car and stop my watch and hope that maybe it will say 52 minutes. I was running slow and enjoying myself. If I could have just shaved 2 min....and my watch said 43:30 and I looked again and it still said 43:30 and I did this about 4 more times before I got this big poop-eating grin on my face and thought I am awesome! Not just awesome, but friggin' awesome. And I wanted to do the cabbage patch and sing to myself..."you shaved 11 shaved 11 min" But I didn't. I just kept my watch there and walked around with my big grin. And now, over 3 hours later...I've still got my watch on the stopwatch mode and I'm still lookin at my 43:30 and still thinking about how cool I am....

I wonder if I will ever get to the day where I don't think about how glad I am that I'm doing this???? I guess as long as I have great people supporting me and pushing me on, I have no reason to ever look back!

And in other related Amy news, I have decided to run the 10K Museum of Aviation at Robins AFB. It will be my first but I think I'm ready (or will be). I'm super excited. I could almost pee my pants again.

Disclaimer: I was never the spelling bee champ and since it's my perogative to turn spell check on or off in my case, you'll just have to get over my misspelled words. Thanks.


Jim said...

I'm not sure what your running schedule is or when you plan on peaking for a marathon. We have a pretty decent one here in Birmingham on Feb. 11. It is the Mercedes Marathon. The really cool thing is the party afterwards. 10 random finishers of the marathon or the half are given 10 keys to a Mercedes SUVs and one of the keys starts it! I've never been in the drawing, but I've run the race. It is a pretty tough course in that you have to cross over a big mountain twice. First around mile 6-7 and again around mile 19-20. I'm going to do the half marathon this year. I am training for the Flying Pig in Cincinnatti in May. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dallen said...

There will be days that you are not excited about running a marathon, but they will be far overshadowed by the better days. Good luck!

runninturnip said...

I really like the 10K distance. I actually ran the first one kind of by accident (thought it was a 5K race but found out the day before it was a 10K and ran it anyway) Since I am not that fast these longer distances work better for me. Enjoy!