December 22, 2005

Another pee-worthy moment (or two)

Running update: I've run 12 miles this week and have another day to go. Yahoo! Sun and Wed I ran with a friend and T2. I like not running alone, but sometimes I just want to crank my music up and run by myself. That's why I'm looking forward to tomorrow. All by my lonesome. I'm going to try for 5.5 miles. I know I can do it. Now I just have to.

I finally figured out how to put "blogs I like" on my blog. I feel all computery now. I want to do the computer geek cabbage patch. I should go tell my workgroup managers how cool i am. No, maybe on 2nd thought I won't do that, because then they will expect me to start fixing my own problems. Oh, and not to mention the fact that there are some peeps in the office who are mad that they are working during the holidays, so they are keeping extra tabs on what everyone else is doing. Gotta love it. You can see that I am busy busy busy today (especially since this is my 2nd post today).

At any rate, let me get down to business. Thanks to everyone who suggested the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon (hopefully I've posted your blog as "one I like"). The stars must be aligned because i just got information that i will be attending a conference May 30-June 1 in San Diego, so it just makes sense for me to run that one. (Not to mention that airfare will be paid for!)

Anyway, I'm super-excited. Super-Super excited. And even happier that I am counting down the minutes to the start of my 4 1/2 day weekend!


runninturnip said...

I can sympathize, i would rather run alone as it is really my "me" time to clear my head! I have yet to run a marathon but have been to San Diego twice - i think you will love it and the weather should be beautiful!

Ryan said...

Good luck, Amy. I'm willing to be that you'll rock thru 26.2 with no problem in S.D.

Keep blogging and keep running!