November 02, 2005

New Shoes

Yahoo! I just got my new shoes!!!! I was supposed to go back and get them from RFS (local running specialty store) this afternoon, but at lunch went to the bx and they had them for $16 cheaper (plus no sales tax, yippee)! One more hour and then I'm going to lace them up and walk around the office for an hour (I was told to do that prior to running in them...) and then I'm off to the trail! Asics 2100. I've never owned Asics before and typically I'm an Adidas wearer but I was wearing Nikes when I had my little tradegy over the weekend and the guy at RFS told me to never ever ever run in them again (I guess they were pretty bad) and that Adidas didn't have the stability that I need for my low arch. Or that is how I remember him saying it. Geez...I can't remember...all I can think about is my new shoes!!!!

Yet another pee-worthy moment!


Kurt in Boston said...

Pee-worthy? Cool, but not wearing the new shoes, OK? Have a great run!

Robert G. said...

Haha new shoes rule! I've never been a fan of nike's myself, and I've jumped onto the New Balance bandwagon :-)