November 01, 2005

Life, death, and the pursuit of it all

I don't think it's productive for me to keep numbering the days...besides it's just plain boring. Oh, and besides that I have a journal that I'm keeping with days/miles ran/pains felt/etc so I can do the day numbering thang there, right?

Yesterday, despite my knee pain, I ran 4 can read my letter to Advil to see why/how I ran anyway. But it was fabulous, as was last week. And I'm so excited that I am doing this that I could almost pee on myself. I'm getting new shoes tomorrow too, which makes me feel as equally pee-worthy!

On a sad note, the place that I went skydiving a couple of weeks ago had an accident. I'm glad that it wasn't the guy (Frank) that I jumped with who was strapped to the victim, but none the less this story makes you stop and think about such things as life, death, and living with a severe disability. They haven't said what exactly happened but there is speculation that the victim took his own life into his hands and decided it was over. Whatever the case may be, it's still sad and I feel horrible for the friends and families of the jumper, jump master, and all the other people affected by this tradegy. And that is what I thought about while I was running yesterday.

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