November 22, 2005

Kites and Cougars

After I went skydiving a few months ago, several people asked me "what does it feel like to be that high up?" My response was: what I was feeling, being so high up with nothing but a parachute (and the jumpmaster strapped to my back), was similiar to what a kite must experience when it catches the wind. If I could ask a kite if that is the feeling that it gets, I imagine it would say "yep...that's how I feel everytime I'm in the air".

Yesterday, as I was running around the trail, I thought about that, and that feeling that I was a kite. Because yesterday, running in my new shoes, with no pain, I felt similar to what a cougar must feel like when it walks about. You see, when I look at a cougar strolling around with it's paws barely hitting the ground before it takes it's next step, I think it is graceful. And that is what I felt like yesterday. That I had all the gracefulness of a cougar.

So, now i've experienced being a cougar and a kite. What will be next? I'm not sure. Maybe the awkardness of an ostrich or the length of a giraffe.

In breaking news, I have 2 anniversaries (sort of) coming up. Both are milestones, and worth mentioning. Next Monday (Nov 28) will be my official 4 month anniversary with TT. For most this is probably not particularly exciting, but for me (the preverbial axe, as my friends like to call me) it is a huge milestone. Tuesday (Nov 29) will mark the day that T-squared becomes the longest person that I've ever dated....I'm pretty sure that we will make it because 1. everything is perfect 2. we are going out of town together through Sunday 3. i leave for TX on Monday. In other anniversary news, Monday (Dec 5) will mark my 4 month anniversary from smoking! Huge, huge milestone!!!!! I'm so proud of myself!!

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