November 21, 2005

I'm back.....(she says in a scary horror movie way)

So, I'm back in my shoes again. I finally got to run on Saturday. I took an easy 3 miles on the track at MSC. It was fun. The weather was nice. And I couldn't have felt better in my new shoes. I took a total of 2 weeks off, with one week of that just walking and doing some cross training. It was hard. But I don't want to injure myself again, so I'm taking it nice and slow in my new kicks. :)

I've also had alot of time to think about my eating habits too. And I've decided to cut out partially (or fully) hydrogenated oils. As much as I can. That stuff is in EVERYTHING, including all of my favorite foods (Lime Tostitos, Snickers bars, coffee creamer...the list goes on). I say "as much as I can" because I'm no dummy. There is no way that I can turn down any treats made by Ms. Bakes Alot at work, no matter what's she puts in it. And that is okay...the occasional piece of key west cake isn't going to kill me. I've made it one day (out of 5) being completely hydrongenated-free. It's hard! I may have made it more of those days, but some of the stuff I've eaten I wasn't sure about so I just considered that it more than likely was full of hydrogenation.

Other than that, getting ready for the turkey day. I'm hoping to run today, Wednesday, and Friday but Friday I will be out of town and on someone else's clock. Then Monday leave for TX...maybe I'll get some running in near the river walk...that would be nice.

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