November 03, 2005

I think I've injured myself

Okay, so I know I have. Put my new shoes on yesterday and headed to the base track...I felt a little bit of pain in my left knee (on the lower right inside) but i thought it would go away....I got about 300 yards before I couldn't even stand to bear any weight on that I stopped and rubbed the part that hurt and there was a big knot there. So, I decided today (actually yesterday) was not the day to run so I walked back to the car...okay, so I limped and by the time I got there I was hobbling...I immediately went home to see my friends Advil and ice and felt much better. Troy came over and I was sitting on the counter telling him of my dilemna and looked down and to my surprise my Right ankle was a didn't even hurt but I couldn't even see my ankle I broke the ice back out and laid on the couch for the rest of the evening. Swelling went down and I felt "okay". This morning, 5:30am, feet hit the ground and the most excrutiating pain I have ever felt (okay so it wasn't that bad) but both my left knee and right ankle much so that i wore driving shoes to work.

Not sure how to proceed from here. I looked up and there is a Jeff Galloway trainer in my area for around $200 (6 months of training), but I am also on the Dave Ramsey Baby Step Plan of being totally debt free and an extra $200 is just not on the plan. Here is what i'm going to do: not run until I feel absolutely no pain in those 2 areas. If it doesn't get better in a week I'll go to the doctor but other than that I'll just work on my upper body at the gym. And then when I'm all better start over with my new shoes...because I think that my old shoes may be the culprit...or at least that it what I am hoping. Feel free to give me any advice you see fit, or even email me at the email address that is on my profile screen.

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