October 31, 2005

Day #3 and 4

4 miles on Thursday...was so easy...because I had done it before. No real pain. Just glided along and listened to my music and was happy that my weekend had already started!

Saturday: 5k Halloween run on base...I should have worn my belly dancer outfit!!!! Came in at #16 of about 35...but had some serious serious pain on the inside of my knees. Went to a running store afterwards and he said it was my shoes and that i turn my feet in when i run, and that i have low arches... I tried on several pairs and one felt like air. My knees, ankles, nothing hurt when I put them on. I think I'm going to go back and get them but wanted to check another store in my area. I was fine when I woke up on Sunday, but then went a fall festival with my nephew and played a little t-ball and running in my birkenstocks was not my smoothest move ever...knee pain came back.

So, I missed my 4 miles yesterday and am a little worried about trying it today...but i'll do the walk/run thing and try not to do too much.

Regardless of the knee pain, I ran 14 miles last week....I have never run 14 miles in a week...or not on purpose...One week down, several-many-lots more to go!


Robert G. said...

You should be really proud of yourself! Running four miles is a far cry for a guy like me who cringes at even driving four miles! I've just started a work out plan, I sure hope I can go mile after mile like you in a few weeks.

Cool blog, good luck on your marathon!

Amy said...

Thanks! It seems like it was always out there for me to do, but i never tried (if that makes any sense...)