October 26, 2005

Day #2

Yesterday it was back to 3 miles...according to the schedule. I drove to the track with a little apprehension...I hadn't done this by myself. Would I run too fast? Would I be able to make it?

I called him on the way. Told him what I was doing. He said "think about the 4 we ran on Sunday...then think about what we talked slow...try to make it in 45 minutes" And I did. At a 1/2, I thought about the bat house that he stopped to look at. At a mile, I thought about the horses we were running by and how he said he used to smell manure every morning when he stepped out of his front door. At a mile and a half, I thought about how he taught me to blow my nose by plugging one nostril and how he farted while he ran to make me laugh (and to get that awkardness of dating out of the way). At 2 miles, I thought about how we didn't talk at all. About the quietness of it all. And then I realized I was done. I hadn't looked at my watch or felt out of breath or thought I was crazy for even thinking that i could do this. I was just done. In exactly 36 minutes.

And I thought I have made it one more day.


a.maria said...

omg i'm so excited for you!!!!! it has to be some sort of magic that you started your journey on the day of my marathon, right?!

i'm excited to read about your training and how it affects you.... doing this marathon was quite literally the best decision of my life. i'll never be the same (and hell...i dont want to!).... so, good luck in your running, and your life!

Amy said...

Thanks! You have been an inspiration to me (and I'm sure alot of other people too). Are you in the military? I noticed you mentioned Fort Leavenworth...just wondered.