October 24, 2005

Day # 1

If anyone would have asked me 2 years ago if I would have set my sights on being a marathon runner, I would have said "*%!@ NO"!!! But as some luck, plus a little persuasion, and add just a dash of inspiration would have it, I am officially on my way!

2 years ago I was getting out of a silly marriage. I call it silly because I should have never gotten myself into the marriage but I did and paid 7 years worth of stupid tax to find out that I am one silly girl. I'm over it. I'm glad it's done. Now I am moving on. 2 years ago I was also smoking like a champ. I say champ, because at that time that was the only thing I was good at.'s sad to hear my voice saying that back then.

Let's fast forward. I kept smoking but slowly starting accumulating some goals. Go to grad school, take the cpa exam, get in shape, quit smoking. I took the cpa exam (failed...but that just put me in the majority of test takers)...I'll take it again. And as part of my "getting in shape" I joined a gym. I started surfing the net for physical activities I could get involved in. I tried yoga, I tried kickboxing, I tried aerobics, I tried spinning...but really I wanted to be a runner. I downloaded this "marathon training schedule" that consisted of 36 weeks of running and running and running. I laughed at it. The 1st day I had to run 4 miles. I couldn't even run 1 mile if my pants were on fire and the nearest water was a mile away. I would occasionally get on the treadmill and jog for several minutes, only to be out of breath with only the taste of stale cigarrettes in my mouth (I am assuming coming from my lungs...because my gym has a strict no smoking At any rate, I went on with my life and my smoking and my occasional attempt to do something that constituted as physical activity.

And then it happened. July 28, 2005 I met someone who has changed the course of my life for the better, forever. On our 1st date, he said he would never date anyone who smoked (good thing he didn't know about my little smoking habit!) and so I quit. Just like that. I had spent 2 years trying to convince myself of all of the reasons that I should quit...with death being the biggest reason of all. But in that one statement that he made, I quit. Just like that. I never knew that I could do it. But I did.

And then I started to think what else can I do? And this is what I did: I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, I got a tattoo, I went whitewater rafting (in spite of my great fear of water), I picked my cpa review books back up, I decided to get out of debt and now I was going to tackle a marathon. I got my "marathon training schedule out", looked at the calendar, and picked a day to start: October 23, 2005. I counted 36 weeks from October 23, to see when exactly I would be running 26.2 miles....and week number 36 starts on June 25, 2006. One day after my 30th birthday. So now I have to do it. So now I want to do it.

And yesterday was my first day. He ran with me. He helped me pace myself (by the way, I was running extremely too fast before). That will come with time. And I ran. All 4 miles. And I wasn't dying. Or kicking myself. Or feeling bad that I didn't finish. Because I did. I finished. And on Tuesday I'll do it again. And on Thursday, again. And before I know it I will be at the finish line of my first marathon.

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